Challenge #1 – Where do good ideas come from

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Interview: Wolfram Elsner – Chinese walls are invisible

German economist and erstwhile policy adviser, Wolfram Elsner, has just published a book, The Chinese Century after researching and teaching in China for almost a decade. When he started out, he presumed that his Chinese counterparts would be constrained in what they could say but he was surprised by their openness to dialogue. The Mint caught up with him to discuss the future of China and geo-political economics.

Interview: Steve Keen –
Why not?

Steve Keen is currently viewing the world from Thailand, which is remarkably now almost virus free. He arrived there with his Thai partner on one of the last flights in after he decided the Netherlands was no place to stay in a pandemic. His judgement proved spot on. The Mint caught up with him to find out the secret of Thailand’s and other countries’ pandemic success and what it meant for the future of the global political economy.

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