YOUth Making the Planet Cool Again

november, 2021

22nov11:00 am11:30 amVirtual EventYOUth Making the Planet Cool Again11:00 am - 11:30 am Event Type :Question and Answer


(Monday) 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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At WEAll Youth, we trust the power of participatory design and the role of increasing agency through collaboration. We believe in the power of embracing a doughnut over a dosa economy! Expanding in outward circles, driven by insatiable appetite, our current view of circularity is that of a dosa* economy – an economy that has adapted itself to circularity but has misinterpreted the size of the circle, in a quest for infinite growth. (*Dosa is a staple dish in south India: Image below for reference).

Each consecutive circle, bigger than the one preceding it, is an indicator of rising economic growth, a larger carbon footprint and its steadily increasing consequences such as climate change. 

Doughnuts may be different in colour and toppings, but are essentially similar in size.

A doughnut economy will inevitably change with time, but at all points in time, it will maintain a size that is affordable by the natural regulatory functions of our planet.


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Nikita Asnani

Show bio +Nikita Asnani is pursuing a Masters degree in Humanitarian Engineering the University of Warwick in the UK. As Opportunity Lead at WEAll (Wellbeing Economy Alliance) Youth, she is creating a funding proposal to ensure that all team members are paid fairly, she is also steering a digital campaign to make the economy cool, so that it is accessible to all of us who are part of the system, rather that the few privileged / experts.  “Our current economic system conditions us to believe that we cannot all blossom, at the same time, ie, someone needs to be shed, for another one to grow. But that’s not true- we do have what it takes to rethink, to re-engineer and shift the paradigm. We need to embrace the economy in a manner that enforces regeneration, not just sustainability. WEAll Youth’s dynamic structure and cooperation-based ethos sets an ideal ground to achieve this vision.”