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As part of the Festival for Change, we are offering the opportunity to broaden your perspectives and enrich your experience, by signing up to connect with another Festival participant from a different continent.

Inspired by our partner Yellow House, who invited people on one of their programmes to share pics of what was in their fridge that day. They discovered how deep and wide their conversations became after that, we encourage you to take this opportunity to gain a real view of what life is like in a completely different part of the world. 

It will be up to you and your Friend to decide how you get to know each other and what you talk and think about together, and you may even find that your friendship expands your thinking about the project that you are co-creating with others for the Festival – and it may not!

We will randomly pair you with some-one else registered for the Festival from a different continent and introduce you to each other as soon as we have a match for you. 

It’s a good idea to come to some agreement at the start about what you do and don’t want to talk about – which you can always jointly change – and also to regularly review how it’s going and what you’re both gaining from your friendship; we offer you some prompts here.

Your Festival Friend will open an entirely new window on the world and who knows what riches you will find there?

Register here for the Festival and you can then let us know if you wish to be paired up.