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A Unique Virtual Experience

We are using an amazing digital platform with a bespoke design by a young award winning architectural graduate.

You will have complete flexibility to join in discussions, meet business leaders and experts you want to connect with, moving from one group to another – just like a real festival!

There will be six virtual spaces for you to move around:

The Harbour

This is the entrance where you arrive and which has links to all the other spaces

The Main Stage

The main stage where we will host our speakers

The Village

The Village is where you can arrange to have 121 chats without being disturbed

The Forum

The Forum is where all the partners and others will have virtual spaces with information about them and where you will later have opportunities to meet them

The Workshop

The Workshop is where you will receive briefings and get to have the discussions you want

The Clearing

The Clearing is where you can go to get support on engaging with the competition process and finding your way around the festival. Note technical support is provided separately by Remo on the platform
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