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Shaping a better future

Over the duration of the festival you’ll have the opportunity to join the fight on tackling the climate change emergency by signing up for our System Impact Sessions.

Each session addresses key aspects of climate change and how a systems approach can provide positive solutions to damaging established status quos.

You’ll work to build the critical knowledge, creatively and courage to become the changemaker humanity needs to navigate the environmental and social pressures we see from climate change, as well as building likeminded international connections.

  • 13 November: Introduction
  • 20, 27 Nov & 4 Dec: Topic sessions
  • 11 December: action planning and next steps

By the end of the sessions you will be part of a global team moving forward impactful movements to address some of the worlds most pressing climate challenges. You’ll be supported to move your plan forward with the assistance of relevant mentors in the area of systems change and climate emergency.

The sessions have been designed by Neil Finnie working with a number of young leaders, who will help facilitate all the sessions.

You don’t need to attend all sessions, but good if you can make the introduction, at least one topic session and the final session


Please book on Eventbrite so we can give you Zoom access

Session facilitators

Syed Husnain Haider Bukhari

Neil Finnie

Namara Jane

Monia Sogni

Molly Chambers

Mary Wangari Muturi

Jakaria Uddin

Fatima Tariq

Eric Decker

Cassidy Rolfe-Yates

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